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2Ship Sales Kick-Off 2019

April 25, 2019

It’s finally Spring and change is in the air at 2Ship! One such change is how our sales team is going to market. On April 24, 2019, we were extremely proud to conduct our first ever 2Ship Sales Kick-Off, to empower our teams to share the 2Ship story and how companies can save and grow by using our platform. Our Team and our channel partners gathered at the Courtyard Marriott just minutes away from the 2Ship office for this exclusive two-day event. 

Day 1 of the Kick-off began with an in-depth look into the State of 2Ship from our President, Russ Proos. Russ detailed our key milestones to-date and provided a glimpse into our company and product roadmaps, while Patricia Whitney, our VP Marketing, shared a brief summary of new marketing initiatives expected to bloom over the coming months. 

From there, attendees participated in informative and interactive discussions about 2Ship’s robust capabilities, co-presented by Russ and Mark Samman, Enterprise Solutions Manager at 2Ship. Attendees were also introduced to #SmarterShippingWith2Ship by our newest Partner and Chairman, Marc Altshuller. Thanks to Chris Cashin and Kyle Luekenga at Visible SCM, our teams were energized to learn about our new partnership to bring competitive USPS rates to the masses via 2Ship and Visible SCM. 

The second day of the event empowered our teams with ways to help customers overcome their shipping and logistics challenges. Marc, joined by Michael Girgis, Sales Director at 2Ship and Kerry Sokalsky, President at Presales Mastery, led the day’s sessions to cover solutions catered to eCommerce and Corporate businesses, followed by Mark and Radu Petrescu, our Director of Software Development, who spoke about the various platforms 2Ship connects and integrates with. Attendees were informed about the many security measures our IT Director, Kevin Psek, takes to ensure 2Ship and its architecture are free from viruses and prepared for any potential attacks, while Brett Solo, our General Manager, closed the day’s sessions by describing our countless efforts to ensure customer support and success. 

Which brings us to the root of the 2Ship Sales Kick-Off: our customers. The purpose of the Kick-off was to enable our teams and partners to help customers overcome the shipping and logistics challenges they are facing with the manual processes and antiquated systems that are in the market today. There is a smarter way to ship and our teams are ready to help businesses experience the efficiency, accuracy, cost savings, and operational effectiveness that comes with Smarter Shipping with 2Ship. We hope that businesses – no matter the size – will reap the fruits of our labor to allow all companies to ship with ease, from anywhere in the world. 

This is just the beginning and we’re excited to see your business grow.