Automated Distribution Solution

Your Distribution Center lacks automation for shipping out orders or
You want to upgrade &/or replace your current carrier integration/s with ONE multi carrier, everything-you-need solution.

Either way, you need the Integrated 2Ship solution

The Challenge

You need to upgrade your outdated shipping process and increase your shipping output without additional overhead?

Even the best warehouse processes and policies fall short when one’s shipping solution cannot keep up.

If you have...

• Multiple systems or logins for each of your carriers
• No way to compare rates across carriers and services
• No Automation to scan orders for shipping
• Manually record costs and tracking numbers
• No way to accurately calculate and charge back costs to customers

... then your shipping process is costing you more than you think.

The Solution

ONE system, ONE integration and ONE process.
Automate service selection and label generation for all orders from all shipping locations with all carriers.

Whether its in an envelope or on skids, 2Ship can ship it wherever it needs to go.

The ability to...

• Enjoy ONE system and ONE integration that ships it all
• Rate shop all services at once so you never overpay
• Automate the shipping of every order with a scan
• Capture costs and tracking numbers back in your order system
• Assign customer specific rates / mark-ups and generate revenue

... add Consolidation, Drop-Ship, Returns and more.

The Result

All your carriers and services, all your orders and all your shippers, all your activity and all your history
Brought together on a single online platform for complete automation, control and real-time visibility.

2Ship will help your organization cut costs and increase efficiency with centralized control and automation of your fulfillment activities.

Save Money

Service selection and cost decisions managed by your experts with real time rate shopping.

Save Time

Reduce shipping labour by up to 95%.

Grow Your Business

Maximize efficiency so you can focus on growing your business and your shipping volume.

Maximize efficiency and focus on growing your business without worrying about how to handle more orders.

Having a single shipping solution will maximize your shipping spend by using the best service and lowest price on every order you ship. It will also allow you to capture every inbound and outbound shipment in one history providing a consolidated view of your logistics activity. Add markups to your shipping costs when billing for shipping.

Because 2Ship is web-based, it’s scalable across all your fulfillment locations. Simply login from any PC to access your complete shipping data. You’ll have instant access to track every shipment and order; be able to run reports across all locations, carriers and costs; view your real time dashboard and more.


$289Per Month
  • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
  • 1 Shipping Users
  • *1,000 Labels per Month
  • 10 Skid/Pallet Shipments
  • 1 OnHold Feature
  • InteGr8 App
Purchase Plan


$389Per Month
  • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
  • 3 Shipping Users
  • *2,000 Labels per Month
  • 20 Skid/Pallet Shipments
  • 1 OnHold Feature
  • InteGr8 App
Purchase Plan


$599 Per Month
  • 1 High Volume Shipping Location
  • 5 Shipping Users
  • *5,000 Labels per Month
  • 25 Skid/Pallet Shipments
  • 1 OnHold Feature
  • InteGr8 App
Purchase Plan