Integration Options - APIs vs ODBC

2Ship offers two choices of integration to meet your automation needs.
Either way, it's the one and only "carrier" integration you will ever need.
Automate your shipping with every carrier and service you use with ONE integration.


Integration with 2Ship is possible with almost all data sources; from a comma delimited file and Access database to MS SQL, SAP, Oracle
InteGr8 is our integration app that allows companies to integrate with 2Ship for the automation of logistics processes.
It serves as the gateway to your data and 2Ship in the cloud. In its simplest form, InteGr8 pulls your orders into 2Ship and pushes your shipment information back.

With a single mouse click you can:

  • Find all available services, rates and delivery times

  • Pre-assign services to orders or automatically assign the cheapest service to every order

  • Ship and generate labels and other required documentation

  • Populate the ship screen to manually complete the shipment

  • Bulk Process selected orders

  • Data mappings allows us to pull all order and product info into 2Ship for every order & push back relevant shipment information to your data source or an external file. Data including tracking numbers, freight costs, carrier and service, expected delivery date and so forth can be instantly pushed back to automatically update each order. It's the ultimate in automating the fulfillment process with ALL your carriers.

    2Ship API's

    A single web service package that does it all!

    All your carriers and services and processes integrated through a single API.

    Drastically reduce the man power required for development and ongoing maintenance with carrier integrations.

    Embed the 2Ship environment into your own application through a simple iFrame.

    Best of all the API package itself is free!

    • IMPORT


      Now you can import all your shipments from other systems into 2Ship through an API.
      Why? Well, think of capturing every shipment in your supply chain in ONE platform for ultimate visibility, tracking, and reporting.

    • GET INFO

      GET INFO

      Retrieve the shipping data you need when you need it. Our on demand call for shipping data allows you to control how and when shipment information is appended to your orders' data.
      Get all relevant shipment data in a single call for every order you process through 2Ship with any carrier and service.

    • SHIP


      Instantly generate all shipping labels, Bill of Ladings and Customs Documentation (if required).

    • CANCEL


      Cancel or Edit live shipments on the fly.

    • EMBED


      Need a shipping solution built into your own company's application? Look no further...
      in a few easy steps you could seamlessly introduce that missing TMS as part of your platform.


    Pre-assign all shipping information. Put the shipment onHold when the ship date is unknown and labels are not required until shipment is released.


    Process an OnHold shipment and generate labels via the Ship web service, an OnHold user login to, or a hyperlink. Hyperlink shipping allows for the email distribution of the ship link to anyone who needs to process the shipping labels. Generate labels for the OnHold shipment with a click.


    Create Consolidation Units on the fly and attach orders to their relevant units throughout the day. 2Ship's Consolidation API allows for zone skip and cross-border drop-ship by mixing modes.


    Push all order/shipment information into the 2Ship online shipping screen on demand.


    The end of day cycle and generation of your carrier manifest is also part of our API suite. Close one carrier at a time or simply close off everything shipped.


    Simply the one and only API package you need to get integrated with all your carriers.