Core Features

Rate Centralization

All carrier rate tables are centralized for rating and results comparison using the various means of shipment rate calculations specified per carrier. Realize a reduction in paid hours spent searching for the best rate and operating multiple systems. Back to Top.

Available from Anywhere

The platform is ready for use; at hand, in, at, or to any place within your company or around the world. Expand with no onsite overhead for new locations and users. Eliminate down time by shipping packages while offsite or get product to market faster from trade shows or during short term events and locations. Back to Top.

Instant Lookup

Visibility of shipment related information in our online database in an infinitesimal or very short space of time. Save time and money using one central source to view tariff rates and costs, shipment, carrier and user activity. Back to Top.

Real Time Tracking

Immediate electronic monitoring, by a rapid computer response, of any shipment event, door to door. Reduce hours spent tracking shipments from all carriers at once and through a single tracking portal with a single click. Eliminate downtime and track packages on your mobile or automate through email. Back to Top.

One Ship Screen

One screen display, with no tabs, upon which shipping information is entered to transport shipments by ship, rail, truck, plane, etc. Minimize time wasted navigating on a single screen only. Keeping it simple and easy to use allowing for greater retention and less training time for new users. Back to Top.

One Address Book

A single designated location, where intended recipient information is stored in on-line memory. Utilize a single source shipping data base for all users eliminating costly data entry errors while saving time with less key strokes. Back to Top.

Customized Reports

The capability to modify or build an account or statement describing any variation of shipment data available. Customize and run reports to track spending by service, customer, user, project etc. Perform proactive analysis of revenue leakage and save on costs. Back to Top.

Admin Access and Controls

The ability, pertaining to the platform administrator, to set policy enforcements, restrictions and privileges of both user and system visibility and functionality. Reduce overall risk and increase the security of your data and account information. Customize policies to ensure the most effective decisions are made by any user, anytime. Back to Top.

Monitor Carrier Performance

Keeping carriers accountable through performance measurement is invaluable when directing logistics practices and managing shipping costs. 2Ship can enable users to compare shipping costs by zone, fuel rates and surcharge comparisons. Realize savings opportunities with 2Ships ability to automatically identify guaranteed service credits through measured delivery performance. Back to Top.

Mix Modes

The ability to combine two or more constituents of various transportation services such as ship, rail, truck, plane, etc. Automate the most cost effective mode per lane, force service selection by route and combine modes to save up to 50% on shipping. Back to Top.

Email Labels

Internet transmission between computers, of a virtual slip of paper, inscribed for attachment to a shipment to indicate its, origin and destination. Create new cost saving opportunities by controlling inbound carriers Place different sender company details on your labels, creating blind shipments for your customers. Reduce downtime and send completed labels as a value add for your clients. Back to Top.

Branded Real-Time eAlerts

A brand promoted email transmission to bring forward a formal shipment status update within an infinitesimal space of time. Increase the visibility and strength of you brand while keeping everyone in the extended supply chain up to speed saving their time and increasing productivity. Back to Top.

Pickup Requests

Automated arrangement for the collection of a shipment of goods by a courier or carrier. Support a more efficient means of communication with all your carriers while supporting cost reductions for your staff and increasing your rate negotiating strength. Back to Top.

Electronic Customs

Transmission of the shipment content details associated to duties, taxes and disclosure of information imposed by law on imported or exported goods. Save time, and better manage your customs brokerage fees by reducing the amount of key strokes needed to process your shipments. Back to Top.

International Tools

A suite of electronic customs forms and documents for completion facilitating shipment preparation between national boundaries. Reduce errors, and increase the quality of your shipping documentation by completing the right documents with the right information effortlessly. Back to Top.

FastShip Templates

Automated capture of a populated ship screen to be used for a repeat shipments by ship, rail, truck, plane, etc. FastShip templates can store shipment options for rapid repeat processing saving time and eliminating costly errors. Back to Top.

Auto Print Plugin

Accessory software feature that triggers immediate and automatic production of printed shipment labels during the shipment entry process. Double your productivity by automating the printing of your shipping labels at the same time other labels are being entered. Back to Top.

Scale Reader

A feature that captures, interprets and transfers data in electronic form to the ship screen from a weighing device. Ensure accurate weights are being entered against each and every shipment to support potential billing disputes while reconciling against current inventory information. Back to Top.

Ready for Integration

Completely prepared for immediateaction to bring synchronism and transference of information between multiple organizational feeds. Integrate with web services and instantly communicate with all the carriers. Drastically reduce integration time and continuous support for upgrades and carrier changes. Back to Top.

Specialized Features

Returns Management

The act or manner of managing the handling, direction and control of return shipments. Enable ease of use and take advantage of the most cost effective decision when managing your returns. 2Ship’s returns management feature is flexible and allows for the best service or cost selection of carriers for the return shipment. The outbound shipper either sends or emails a carrier specified return label, with the outbound shipment, or can allow the return shipper to select a carrier for the return by following an easy to use url link. Back to Top.

Inventory Management

The act or manner of managing; handling or controlling a complete listing of merchandise or stock on hand or elsewhere. Effortlessly manage your inventory and fulfilment processes and save money through increased productivity and time savings. 2Ship provides centralization, inventory control and visibility for all of your locations. Better control your costs through automated restocking of inventory thresholds and movement of inventory between warehouse and other locations and share visibility with your Customers and selected users. Back to Top.

OnHold Processing

To set aside; reserve or retain to be revisited at a later time. 2Ship’s on hold feature enables a user to determine the best options available for single or multiple selections of shipments all in one place. The on hold feature acts as a repository that captures shipping requests from internal clients, imported mass shipping orders, pre-define inbound shipments or pre-defined shipments that are destined for an outbound consolidation unit. In as little as one click, once items are place on hold, the user can virtually manipulate the shipping options and carrier selections to ensure the best service and cost effective shipping decisions are made. Back to Top.

Virtual Distribution

Temporarily simulated or extended by computer software the placement, location or arrangement of shipments. Our unique functionality allows you to virtually distribute your goods and orders without a distribution center of your own. The potential savings are enormous. Put shipments on hold from anywhere around the world, all of which can be fulfilled and printed from any one of your various warehouses or distribution centers. Warehouse personal have more time to concentrate on fulfillment of shipments rather than the processing of all package labels. The reduction in human error is enormous while efficiency is improved. Back to Top.


The combining of two or more modes or movements of shipments to create efficiencies. Perform domestic or trans-border consolidation and deconsolidation using multiple modes at different stages of the supply chain for enormous savings. Easily manage zone skipping options to maximize line haul and local delivery costs or save on your customs processing fees by consolidating multiple shipments under a single clearance. Combine Modes and Save up to 50% on shipping. Process domestic small package labels within other countries, consolidate international shipments and de-consolidate freight units cross-border and distribute as individual domestic shipments. The same can be facilitated for returns. Back to Top.

Import Shipments

To bring in or introduce shipping data to determine the best match for shipping options. Our import functionality enables the ability to import shipment and consignee details into the on hold function to determine the best fit for each individual shipment. Save time and costs by assigning either individual carriers or let the system automatically process entire lists to assign the carrier with the cheapest rates of the fastest service. Once shipments are processed, easily print and send or email the shipping labels to offsite shipping locations. Back to Top.


The ability to manage inward bound shipments. Automatically import inbound shipment detail into the on hold function for shipments leaving multiple shipping locations then virtually move the shipments into consolidation units for furtherance to final destinations. Create and control multi-stage consolidation opportunities, in real time, as shipments move coast to coast. Use this powerful feature to be in complete control of shipping spend by pre-selecting your own inbound carriers, converting outbound prepaid shipments to inbound collect. Make the most cost effective decision every time and save money. Back to Top.

Shipment Requisition

An authoritative or formal demand for an order or act of shipping freight or cargo. The ship requisition feature will bring automation to enable an office or multi-location environment to support efficiencies with requesting and shipping items from a centralized location. Time savings and eliminated duplication of work is realized when individual requests for shipments are entered into the platform and then retrieved by the shipper at time of shipping. The request feature offers service groupings for easy selection by users thus allowing the shipper to determine the best carrier to meet the desired service requirement at the best rate. Back to Top.

Integration Options

InteGr8 through ODBC

Integration with 2Ship is possible with almost all data sources; from a comma delimited file and Access database to MS SQL, SAP, Oracle… IntGr8 is our integration utility that allows companies to integrate with 2Ship for the automation of logistics processes. InteGr8 lists all current orders/entities from your data source that are ready for shipping.

With a single mouse click you can:

  • Find all available services, rates and delivery times
  • Pre-assign a service to an order
  • Ship an order – generate labels and other required documentation
  • Populate the embedded 2Ship portal to manually complete the shipment
  • Find and assign the cheapest service available to multiple selected orders
  • Bulk Ship multiple selected orders

A final reply mapping allows 2Ship to push back relevant shipment information to your data source. Data including tracking numbers, freight costs, services type, expected delivery date and so forth… can be instantly pushed back to your data source to automatically update each order.

It’s the ultimate in automating the fulfillment process with all your carriers.

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2Ship API’s

The single web service that does it all… All your carriers and services integrated through a single API. Drastically reduce the man power required for development and ongoing maintenance with carrier integrations. And you can embed the 2Ship environment into your own application through a simple iFrame. And best of all the API package itself is Free.

2Ship API Features


Receive All Available Carriers and Services through a single web service. Tariff and Discounted Rates together with Delivery Dates / Days in Transit.


Instantly generate all shipping labels, Bill of Ladings and Customs Documentation (if required).


Pre-assign all shipping information. Put the shipment onHold when the ship date is unknown and labels are not required until shipment is released.


Process an OnHold shipment and generate labels via the Ship web service, an OnHold user login to 2Ship.com, or a hyperlink. Hyperlink shipping allows for the email distribution of the ship link to anyone who needs to process the shipping label/s. Generate labels for the OnHold shipment with a click.


A single tracking web service to track all your carriers’ shipments. Instant Visibility to the latest tracking information for all shipments with all carriers with a single click.


Cancel or Edit live shipments on the fly.


Push all order/shipment information into the 2Ship online shipping screen on demand.

Visit api.2ship.com for more information about the 2Ship API package. Back to Top.

Embed the 2Ship Platform

Web services are used to embed 2Ship functionality and all your carriers into your own application or website. The Embedded 2Ship portal allows you to throw the whole 2Ship TMS into your own application at the same time. The entire 2Ship platform now becomes seamlessly part of your own application.

Embedding the 2Ship portal allows for instant access to your TMS from within your own application. No need to open a browser window and login screen. Access is instant and secure.

Populate shipping information into the 2Ship shipping screen from your own database. Simply type or scan in the order number (or any variable unique to the information you desire) and have it populate your shipping screen. No need to re-type shipping data. Eliminate additional errors and increase efficiency.

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