Katana and 2Ship

Hey Katana User! The 2Ship app is here to save you time shipping your orders from Katana and save you money by selecting the best service and price every time you ship.


Our app is here to make it easier for you to ship what you produce and sync the tracking information back to Katana.

Use the 2Ship app to:

• Access all carriers and shipping services in one place.
• Ship anything from a document to a full container.
• Choose Same Day, local, rush couriers to worldwide.
• Rate shop all available options in real-time – we have over 300 supported carriers!
• Monitor everything from our mobile-friendly dashboard.
• Create customized tracking pages.
• Send branded email notifications.
• Eliminate the need for scales and measuring devices.
• Solve all your return headaches.
• Get 24/7 access to your account across all devices; all you need is the Internet.

Plans & Pricing


Shipping 10 shipments or less per week and do NOT have your own carrier account(s)? Sign up today to ship using our carrier accounts with discounted rates.

Single User
Single Location
Rate Shop & Ship Using 2Ship Carriers
Includes ALL Core Features and Smarts
No Monthly Bills, No Hidden Fees
Simply use your credit card to pay when you ship
Get Started for FREE

Starting at $14/month

Whether you’re shipping hundreds of small packages in one month or sending pallets and skids across the border the next month, our FULL solution handles all your shipping needs based on the ebbs and flows of your business.

Unlimited Users
Single Location (add more as needed)
100 Parcel Labels
Includes ALL Core Features and Smarts
Administrator Access and Control
Get Spot Quotes (bidding)
Store and Marketplace Connections
And more...
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All prices in USD.


Sales order processed in Katana

Trigger the integration by creating new or marking existing sales order as Packed in Katana.


Order Finds its Way
to 2Ship

Simply scan or enter the invoice/order number to get all shipping information for the order in the Ship screen.


Order Rated and

Rate shop to get the best carrier and service for the best price and print your labels.


Sales order updated in Katana

Automatically sync the tracking number and link to Katana.


We know you’ll love using the 2Ship app because you’ll be able to:

Drastically cut your shipping costs by finding the carrier rate and service that best suit your business needs.
Save time by automating your shipping processes and keeping all your shipping information in one place.
Eliminate time wasted calculating and recording shipping costs for each order.
Increase accuracy when shipping, billing and recording shipping costs.
Get more shipping services with competitive rates from 2Ship.
Use a system that doesn’t break the bank.


Try 2Ship FREE for 30 days!

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When You Need to Ship, You Need 2Ship


Rate and ship with all your carriers from a single screen.



With over 300 supported carriers, it’s easy to find the best carrier and service at the best price every time you ship.



Whether you need to ship an envelope, a box, skids or a full truckload, all services and options are at your fingertips.


Try 2Ship FREE for 30 days!

Experience the power of the full 2Ship solution and sign up for a free trial today.

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About Katana

Katana is a manufacturing ERP that gives you a live look at your business, including live inventory and manufacturing management, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, a Shop Floor App for total floor-level control, open API, and a growing channel partner network. Real-time master planning features automate resource allocation based on prioritized sales orders and integrations with e-commerce, accounting, CRM, and reporting services to centralize your operations in one visual platform.