All your carriers, accounts, locations, users and shipments in one online platform. Rate, Ship, Track… with all your global carriers through any internet connection.


Ultimate control of every user and their actions on the platform. Hide and protect your accounts, disable services, make things mandatory.


Real time visibility and reporting with your single shipping history. Mobile-friendly (check out our app!). Create customized reports, track all shipments, instant notifications, and more!

And yes it’s affordable! 2Ship starts at less than $1 a day!

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Exposure of your shipping accounts with unauthorized users or being used for unapproved services 

Policy Control
Incorrect service and carrier selection being made causing overspending and risking client relationships  

Activity Reporting
Cost allocation, user activity and carrier performance management is difficult and time consuming  

System Limitations
Limited functionality leading to the use of multiple systems and no ability for a true single source solution

No Scalability
Not able to deploy a standard platform across your enterprise that can flex with varying requirements

Your 2Ship Solution

Advance user controls
No accesses to an account without pre-authorization and control unauthorized charges on your accounts

Logistics Policy Enforcement
Enforce full logistics policies on every user to ensure cost and service effective shipment processing

Report builder feature
Customize your own reports in various formats using the data that meets your needs of your business

More Feature Availability
More relevant features than our competitors with the ability to make the most informed decisions every time

Bolt On Capabilities to Scale
Customization and additional modules are available as your business needs change throughout your enterprise

Perfect for Enterprise


Control Costs

Controlling shipping costs is what it is all about. The more control you have over your logistics environment the more control you have over your shipping costs… and 2Ship enforces ultimate control.


Increase Productivity

Reduce time spent on shipping activity that can be automated and redirect it towards other functional areas of your business, improving quality output with a positive impact to your bottom line.


Quality Control

2Ship works in concert with your order finalizing processes and quality systems to support the elimination of human error and to maximize shipping efficiencies before a shipment leaves for its final destination.



Our platform promotes controlled growth through improved shipment output and increased productivity, extending your capacity to take on larger order volume with shorter lead times.


Scalability & Expansion

Expand the reach and the use internally and externally with no onsite overhead in setting up new locations and users. This allows for rapid and extensive expansion of the platform while maintaining the overhead and costs of the program. There are no direct costs to each location, no software that needs to be installed or maintained at new locations. An internet connection and a printer is all anyone needs to access the 2Ship global portal.


Complete oversight of all corporate wide shipments, unlimited number of customized reports and a search engine to easily gather or access all transaction information in real time. Track all your shipments from all carriers at once and through a single tracking portal with a single click. Track packages on your mobile. Instant notification through email or text messaging.

Insight and Reporting

Instantly capture snapshots of all activity within the supply chain with all carriers. Compare service performance and rates in support of ongoing management and reduction of shipping costs. Our report builder produces an unlimited number of customized reports for analysis on many levels, available for all carriers and shipments. Sort and Filter, subtotal and grand total. PDF, XLS, TXT, HTML, RTF.

Policy Enforcement

Enforce logistics policies on every user at every location. Realize measurable benefits with complete control and administration over each user’s specific shipping practices. Options and functionalities can be tailored to meet specific requirements ensuring optimal outputs of quality. Each user can be individually administered to ensure that every shipment processed on 2Ship is “pre-authorized”. Total control simplified.

Why 2Ship?

It’s simple. 2Ship is available from any internet connection anywhere in the world and yet costs less than your internet connection itself. Every courier does things differently and calculates your final rate with their own complex set of rules and algorithms. Without real-time service and rate comparisons, you truly never know what the best way to ship your package is going to be. Rate across different types or modes of shipping‎ at the same time. We basically help you with how to pack your shipment to get the best rate.
For instance, 20 single boxes versus one skid with your 20 stacked boxes. 2Ship finds the best rate for you! Sort by the cheapest or fastest methods or find the best balance of speed and cost that works for you or your customer. 2Ship calculates and breaks down all your charges from your carriers upfront – we do all the hard calculations so you have all the information you need to make the wisest decision every time!

Did You Know…?

The type of packaging you use can change the cost of your shipment

Each carrier uses a different value…
…and method to apply a surcharge for the cost of fuel. Furthermore, most apply this surcharge on top of other surcharges. This means that some carriers add a fuel surcharge to things like the residential charges while others do not.
The size and dimensions of…
…your package affects the charged weight for your shipment. Each carrier uses a different algorithm or method to calculate a volume weight for your packages. A 10 lb box of a certain size could be billed at 40 lbs with one courier and 15 lbs with another. It may just be all about size after all
The cheapest courier for single package…
…shipment could end up being the most expensive for a multiple package shipment and visa-versa.
Residential deliveries add fees…
…to your shipments with most carriers. Each courier charges a different amount for delivering to a home address and often these charges differ between the services within a courier.
Outlying areas or rural addresses…
…may incur expensive additional charges per package depending on the courier. Knowing this ahead of time is a must!
The distance and convenience to…
…the closest drop off location will be different with each courier. Finding a convenient drop off spot may be more valuable than the cheapest rate. Sometimes paying an extra $1 makes more sense than driving miles out of the way to drop off your package.

How it Works

It’s affordable, and it’s about time

Simply follow the sign up instructions and choose a Username and Password. An authentication email is sent to your inbox. Clicking on the activation link in the email will validate your registration. Follow the login instructions in the email and our wizard will guide you through the process of adding your carriers and accounts to the system. You will now be ready to start your 30 day free trial and get shipping.

Login from any internet connection… enter your shipping information… find the best service and rate from all your carriers and accounts… print your labels… click for a pickup or find the nearest drop off location… It’s that easy! It takes 2 minutes to join and will save you endless time and money in the long run! Discover the shipping solution that gives you the logistics power you need to compete with major corporations.



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